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Coronavirus Procedures

Our current Coronavirus procedures are below. 
As guidelines change, our procedures may change to adjust to new guidelines.


  1. We are asking that clients remain in their vehicle upon arrival for all scheduled appointments.
  2. When arriving for your appointment, please call (570) 897-5409, and you will be instructed when to bring in your pet.
  3. Please call ahead if you need to pick prescriptions for your pets. This will allow us time to make sure they are in stock and give you an appropriate time window for when they are available for pick up. Call immediately when you arrive at our hospital.
  4. If you or anyone in your household currently shows symptoms, or is being tested for Coronavirus, postpone routine visits, and make arrangements for someone outside of your household to bring sick pets for appointments. If a sick client brings the pet, they will be asked to reschedule.